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I’m a bit lost / puzzled

Visualization of date ranges on the calendar presentation style

Hi all and thank you in advance for any clarification you may give.

On my database I have a table with some activities. Those activities have a 'date start' column ("data_inizio_distribuzione" datetime datatype) and a 'date end' column ("data_fine_distribuzione" date time datatype). Those dates span trough a number of days. E.g. one activity may have a start date set on the 20th of August and a date end set on the 22nd.

I was hoping that setting the tag "calendar-date" on the date start data field and the tag "calendar-end" on the date end data field would show as in my attachment. Unfortunately it seems that I am doing somthing wrong or the system does not work as I am hoping.

Could you please have a look at the below (attached) image and point me in the right direction in order to achieve my goal? Thank you for taking the time in reading / helping, I appreciate it a lot.

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