Version - Question of Loyalty and Leniency on licences

Re COT quote
"Our next goal is to release Offline Data Processor and Offline Sync in update due out by the end of June 2019. We are skipping release numbering since both features are being released together. Cloud On Time for Android will be out in July 2019. The new roadmap has been prepared and will be unveiled soon!"

Some of us purchased our licenses based upon the roadmap and the features promised well over a year ago, and still awaiting delivery.

What I am asking is for a leniency on the expiration of licenses until version 9 is stable. As a customer I feel cheated if I paid for something on the promise of delivery and then found that, I acted in good faith, yet have not received what I paid for. This has hurt me financially with these delays - I would just like to be considered in this situation.
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