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Upcoming Update Includes "Project Explorer"

As much as we wanted to have the next update released on 11.11.11 we had to postpone the roll-out to fine tune some exciting new functionality.

1. Project Explorer

The next release of Code On Time includes Project Explorer: a unified tree view of all application resources including pages, data controllers, and user controls. It is presented side-by-side with Project Designer.

We have significantly improved memory management and increased the speed of Project Designer. Memory leaks were the primary reason for the delay.

The development team is currently perfecting integration of the new tool. The update will definitely go out by the end of the week if not sooner.

2. SharePoint Factory

SharePoint Factory is also nearing completion. We are figuring the deployment process for generated apps and will have to complete new themes.

Our ambition was to include integration with SharePoint ribbon. We decided to postpone ribbon integration for a later update to speed up the delivery.

The ribbon feature will become an action group Scope in Code On Time apps in the follow-up releases.

3. EASE with App Explorer

EASE user interface screens were completed. Management of Workflow Register and Dynamic Access Control List are functional.

The Workflow Register allows creating workflows composed of action groups, data views, and virtual pages. We have found that management of workflows can be confusing if users are not familiar with the data controller architecture. As a solution we are integrating App Explorer in Workflow Editor to bring functionality similar to Project Explorer in the live web applications with EASE (Enterprise Application Services Engine).

4. Documentation

The work on the new documentation will commence by the end of November.