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upcoming release sneak peak

Dear Cot,

Sneak peak of next few releases!! and possible release date of the next release. I am planning to buy a new subscription in recent days and would like to get an idea, if I buy after next release, would I make it to version 9 within my 12 months subscription period? Your products are very expensive and it is not possible to renew every year and if it happens that I just missed the version 9, would be very disappointing.

It would be very kind, if you tell us which features will be included in the next release from the below list:
-Reading Pane
-Drawers in List/Card/Grid (Touch UI 3.0)
-Group Aggregates
-Data Driven Surveys
-Google reCAPTCHA Integration for Public-Facing Forms

COT is a wonderful product, but the way changes and documentations are structured it is really very hard to keep up with.

I love this product and still learning.
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