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Underestimated Performance

Ok, So I have to give credit where it is due; and that despite my recent challenges after the latest update, ...and at the risk of sounding like a total noob...

When I finally got the App generated and all the issues resolved, I followed the YT tutorial on publishing to Azure and although most of the terminology changed since the tutorial were released, I still managed to do this successfully.

Then I had to take-on the data. At first I tried SSMS to script the data into the db, but that failed as it (SSMS) quickly ran out of memory. I had the data in a local database and extracted it into XLS using the UI and used the Import functionality built into the framework to import it into the Azure db.

Then I sat back and watched each record being inserted for about 1H30 without issue.

A lot of the time we use platforms such as these to vent when our levels of frustration have reached a tipping point, and most of the time it is misguided.

Here is my take-away:
- I've been able to develop corporate applications in record time without any formal software development education,
- I've published my solutions to Azure for the first time, having never used it before,
- I've taken on data that would have taken weeks to manually capture through the UI

All-in-all, I think Code On Time App generator is an awesome product. Kudos to its developers.