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Touch UI, refreshing a data view, after closing a modal form

Hello, all:

I am in the process of rewriting our flagship product to fit the "touch UI paradigm". Our "classic" product relied on a multilevel view approach, and as such, having most of the relevant grids in the same page was very practical for refreshing purposes. Now, the new operation flow navigates through a series of modal forms, with embedded data view fields placed in tabbed categories. So far, so good. Our test users are liking it. But we are facing some "refresh" issues.

- When selecting a dataview (category tab), the first time the grid is refreshed, but if one clicks another tab, and then returns to the previously selected tab, a cache kicks in, and a "manual" refresh must be done. Is it possible to disable the cache mechanism?

- In this new modal navigation, changes may be performed in a dataview field some levels deep. Upon closing the first modal form called, sometimes it is necessary to refresh the calling grid or form. Is there an event or action that traps the moment when a form is refocused in order to call a .Sync() or Result.Refresh if needed?

By the way, congratulations CoT!, touch UI is making the grade.

Best regards,

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