The Empty ZenDesk Community Is Confusing

I got a bit lost when first signing up on Code On Time...a few different pages led me to the empty ZenDesk community...I'd recommend either redirecting these pages or at least adding a message to them so that folks know to come here...for me seeing an active user base is a big plus in choosing a product.
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  • David,

    We have recently changed our zendesk configuration and this has caused invalid links to new support tickets.

    The reason for the change is simple. We are in the process of rolling out the upcoming Code On Time v9, which will come in several flavours.One of them is the online version of the product called Cloud On Time. This product will have a built-in integrated private/public support forum. The current community and previous tickets will be migrating to the new online resource in the near future. See our roadmap at

    We think that invalid links to support tickets in our current website have been fixed. There are several incorrect links in the app generator. The next update is due to be out in a few days from now and will have the correct links. The highlights of the release are RTF support, enhanced Quick Find, and brand new method of integration with DotNetNuke.
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