The column name "XXXXXX" is specified more than once in set clause.

Dear All,

Herewith, I am trying to add a record in details page, while adding message is appearing as "the column name "intrecordid" is specified more than once in set clause."
I didn't declared anything like "SET" in business rules, and I am unable to track the error place.
Please have a look into attached error message screen shot and suggest me, in which place it needs to be correct.

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    This means you have the primary key on the page twice. Sometimes when using lookups, you can mistakenly have the ID as a copied value and a alias, hence when it tries to insert the record using stored procedure, it craps out because of two keys. I assume anyway, not a lot of information to go on. You can also use the sql profiler to see what is happening when the command executes to see the sql error.
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