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switching between vb and cs

I know I've complained about this before but it makes no sense to have the general setting for C# or Visual Basic at the main menu of the COT generator when after I have generated a project in one language for it to switch to another. I've wasted time on this very simple thing just from running COT for different customers and projects which use different languages or reinstalling COT and having the default setting come up as a different language that isn't used for that project.

Ideas in order of preference:
1. Move this setting into the project wizard, that way it's "sticky" and you can warn the user if s/he decides to change it.
2. Warn that you are about to open a project that was previously generated with a different language.
3. Only show the projects in the My Projects list that use the selected language.
4. Only support C# - OK, this is just selfish but...wouldn't it be nice? :^)
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