Suppressing Edit|Delete|Cancel buttons for specific users

Hi there - first time COT user but already producing my first working 'real' application after only a few hours - product is great!!

However, one thing I've not been able to find is how to suppress specific elements in the generated code dependent upon login - I have created a couple of extra users Client1 and Staff1 and have managed successfully to implement Row Level Security to allow for only 1 specific record to be returned for Client1 which by default I'm showing in an editform1 form. However, this is appearing with Edit|Delete|Close options which I would prefer to suppress for this user but have available for Staff1.

Any help would be appreciated as also would be a pointer to where I can access the Start page - my app has my first page set to Home but I still get a Start page generated - is there a way to go straight to my Home page upon successful login?

Thanks for your help,

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