Still No show with my legacy blob in 8.7.9

Very well done for the new version 8.7.9, it is quite nice and stable.

However, I've tried to override the ValidateBlobAccess as suggested, but I'm afraid my pictures are still not showing.

For clarity this is the override I implemented, but all the blobs are still dead!
Public Overrides Function ValidateBlobAccess(ByVal context As HttpContext, ByVal handler As BlobHandlerInfo, ByVal ba As BlobAdapter, ByVal val As String) As Boolean
Return False
Return MyBase.ValidateBlobAccess(context, handler, ba, val)
End Function

Also can you clarify the way forward with external blobs, there seems to be two instructions now, the legacy instruction that saves as .bin files ( and a new instruction that saves in native file format (
The .bin version was working for me until 8.7.8 which completely messed up all my blobs external and internal. What is the way forward for legacy projects?
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