Startup error - error from private grid view but not user what's different to normal startup.

Hi. Instead of the normal site map as home page I'm using a grid view so that the user sees a grid view and menu when the log on. My problem is that when you open the app first time it gives following error:
Component: view2
Controller: Squads; View: grid1; Timed out: false; Status Code: HSR;
Exception: System.Exception
Message: Not authorized to access private view 'grid1' in data controller 'Squads'. Set 'Access' property of the view to 'Public' or enable 'Idle User Detection' to automatically logout user after a period of inactivity.

Obviously the view is private and should only be accessible once logged in. It doesn't seem to be following the same logic as the standard site which is that it goes to the login instructions first - surely the site map is a s private as the grid I'm displaying but it doesn't throw a similar error.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong.

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