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I’m frustrated

SQL View - blob handler not working when trying to display PDF document - defaulting to octet-stream

Hi guys,
I have a controller based on a SQL view that combines two document tables.
The two doc tables both contain a unique GUID, so the view's records are a union of the two and the GUID field provides uniqueness to the doc records. The blob field is varbinary(max) and when bringing the view into COT the system correctly assigns that field as a Byte[] field, set it to on demand, creates a handler for it and sets it to Thumbnail type. I then enter the ID (GUID) field name into the Source Fields value and recompile.

However, the system always sees the blob as an octet-stream, indicating it is unable to use the handler I presume. I have set the GUID as the primary key in the controller, I have all the accompanying fields (filename, contenttype, length). All are populated, there are no nulls. I have been using COT for years and have had no problems displaying images on other forms but they have not been from a SQL view.

Help please!
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