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Somehow transfer session variable on client side and use it with javascript?

Has somebody found the way to somehow access session variables through javascript on client side? I need to put some text in header of each page that should be retrieved from controller/or session set by server side.
Any idea or walkaround solutions?

Tnx in advance.
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  • uremovic

    It is possible, write a code controller that queries session variables, and call it from the client side using REST or $app.execute.

    Best regards,

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  • Roberto, tnx for the tip, but I have figured it out meanwhile. I haven't tried $app.execute method yet.

    Here is one possible solution (although it is not the best because changes must be done after each generation of project):

    In Main.master file, after body element put the following line:
    <input type="hidden" id="hdnSession" value="<%=Convert.ToString(Session["MySessionVar"])%>"/>

    Then, when you want to get this variable through javascript, call it with:

    E.g. I use menu title element to put session value in it (in touch.js):
    menuStripInfo.title = $('<span class="app-menu-strip-title"/>').appendTo(menuStrip.addClass('app-menu-strip-has-title')).text($("#hdnSession")[0].value);
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