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Simple send message routine - need advice

I have requirement from an older app that I am moving over to COT. The old page has a simple textbox at the top of the page and a grid with multi-select of employees below it and submit button to trigger the process. The idea should be simple. User types message in textbox then selects employees they want the message to go to. System would loop selected employees getting email addresses and the process email message to each.

I cannot seem to wrap my head getting this done in COT. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  • Hi, Tom. (Updated)

    1.Create a virtual field (Email Message) on Users controller
    2.Create a view.
    3.Drag the virtual field into the view.
    4.Create a C# business rules and bind with a grid action, then get selected user id from grid view
    - Arguments.SelectedValues
    Then find his/her email and put into a list via 'Session'.
    and execute Result.ExecuteOnClient to display the view.
    Ensure the action executed once only
    - Result.CanceledSelectedValues = true
    - Result.KeepSelection = true
    5.Create another C# business rule and bind with form action for that view.
    6. Get virtual field text, go through the email list via Session and send email message. (Perhaps you may do it via async methods so that the operation will be run on program background)

    You may do it using hidden field instead of session, the concept is likely the same.

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    Sorry for my broken English.

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