Significant "Refresh Meta Data" issues after latest update!

COT Team -

I installed the latest update a few days ago. This afternoon I created a new table and refreshed the metadata causing annoying issues.

Upon refresh, the generator added two categories to several of my controllers and placed several fields in each. For example, in my controller "Orders", cot created 2 new categories; 1). New _Orders and 2). _Orders and placed several fields in each that already exist in existing categories within the same Orders controller.

Deleting the newly created categories allows the controller/module to perform fine afterwards. My annoyance come with the fact that I have to now go through each one of my 300 controllers/modules one at a time to remove the errant categories costing me at least a day of productivity.

In reading other posts regarding similar "refresh" behaviours it appears that if a controller has been "manually" modified, then these types of strange things can occur.

The answer seems to be, if a controller/module has been "manually" modified, never do a refresh again. This is a counter productive approach since one of the significant features of the product is it's "auto generation" features. If I add a new table to my database, and cannot conduct a "refresh" and have to build the entire module from scratch from within COT, how am I gaining any productivity by using the product?

I have a suggestion that I hope you will give serious consideration. Can you please add a "lock" field on each controller or something like Generate: "First Time Only" or "Always" like on a user control? This should allow developers to "Lock" certain controllers from refresh changes, while still allowing "Unlocked" controllers to remain within the auto generation functionality of COT.

My biggest fear right now is spending a day cleaning up the errant categories and forgetting from here forward that I cannot "refresh meta data" EVER again, and if accidently or intentionally refreshing again I lose another day conducting cleanup.

Thank You............
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