Set Navigate URL Assistance Please

I have followed the online help for duplicating a master/detail record which works perfectly for duplicating the master record and the child records except for one thing. The process is meant to open the edit form for the newly created duplicated record. I am guessing its something to do with the last piece of code (see below).

set @Result_NavigateUrl = 'Recipe.aspx?RecipeID=' + cast(@NewRecipeID as nvarchar) + '&_controller=Recipe&_commandName=Edit' + '&_commandArgument=editForm1'

I am using TouchUI SPA and have tried changing Recipe.aspx to Recipe.html but I still get the same 404 Not Found

I am also using a dashboard for these records. If I edit a record manually in the dashboard the url is

When I get the 404 Not Found. The URL is:

I also tried changing the controller=Recipe to controller=Dashboard but still get the 404 error.

Can anyone assist me with the correct path.

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