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Security improvements

I have been developing an application using COT. The application is for a state government agency. They are exceedingly security conscious. As part to the process they use two application security scanning software packages. BurpSuite and WebInspect. They are very complete and pretty brutal in the tests they run.

The tests In March revealed some issues with the application and by default the COT framework.

I passed this information on to Tech Support and Dennis. Over the next several weeks they worked to resolve the issues. With 8.7 the issues have been fully resolved. I received the results of the last application security scan this morning and it passed.

So I just wanted to thank Dennis, the developers behind the scene, and others who resolved the problem. Its one of those hidden things you may never see. It is however important to developer so we don't have those concerns. It makes the platform stronger for all of us.

So thanks COT for all the ways you make the platform better. Especially, the things unseen. Thanks for the responsive way you handled the matter and your patience with me.

Great customer service! Great Tech Support!

Kudos to all.