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Roadmap 2017/2018

Take a look at the new 2017/2018 roadmap.

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  • Hi Just a quick question on Roadmap item - ERP Integration (Nov).

    Just wondering whether November COT support for Sharepoint/Office365 extends beyond simple lists to fully support access to the Microsoft Common Data Model that underpins Office365?
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  • Brian,

    We will offer the ability to create data controllers straight from SharePoint Lists, with Create, Read, Update, and Delete capabilities (the same abilities as a standard data controller). We will also supply a BLOB adapter that will allow uploading files, images, and documents straight to SharePoint documents. This particular feature will be coming soon.

    Integrating with SharePoint relies on Open Authentication. Your application captures an OAuth access token when registering SharePoint SSO as explained here: when you click "Add System Identity". SharePoint Blob Adapter and SharePoint List data controllers will use this token to read/write from SharePoint REST APIs via their common data model:

    We already have built-in method of querying of OAuth-enabled APIs integrated in the app (Facebook, Google, Windows Live, SharePoint). You can use it right now. See example below:

    SharePointOAuthHandler spHandler = new SharePointOAuthHandler();
    JObject result = spHandler.Query("Web/CurrentUser", true);
    _userId = ((string)result["Id"]);
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