Retrieving mobile phone identify

I have a requirement to retrieve some sort of unique identifier from a mobile phone (iPhone not android). I have a form which when it is opened loads the current latitude and longitude but before I save that record into my database I need to capture a unique identifier from that iPhone so that when the record is saved I can do a look up against a registration table in the application which will then identify details of that user. So for example if the unique identifier was the device serial number I would then query that serial number against our registration table, look up the serial number and return the identify the user. This would be used by an internal organisation for the safety of their personnel.
I know there is quite a lot of protection/lock down as far as identifying/tracking a phone so not sure this is even possible with an iPhone. As long as what is retrieved is unique to the device it doesn't matter what is retrieved. There is no requirement to continually track the device just the ability to initiate a record into the database if the user requires assistance.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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  • Steven,

    Cloud On Time app does assign each instance of the installed app a "Device ID". This has nothing to do with the real device ID though. This ID represents an app installation in Cloud On Time storage.

    We are getting ready to release Offline Sync with a newer host library. Please raise this question once the new product is out. We will explain how to get the "Device Installation ID".

    App store vendors do not allow tracking the physical device ID.
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