Remove N/A for null values

I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to have my data show up as a blank if there is a null value instead of displaying N/A. I really think this should be an option to select as I would assume many people would prefer to see this when looking at very large data sets where many of the values will be null. I have seen another topic regarding this but did not fully understand.

Customer Service (Customer) 5 months ago
You can find all "N/A" entries in ClientLibrary.en-US.txt (your file may have other characters instead of en-US).

Re-generate your project. That will "localize" the client library.

Make sure to refresh the app when it is displayed in a web browser.

One file ClientLibrary.*.txt is created for each culture supported by application. Replacement of tokens in the files will cause changes to the client library after the project is re-generated. This is how the application resources are localized. You can translate that way every single message in the app."

Can you elaborate a little on this? I am actually trying to develop and facing the same problem. I'm not sure exactly what I need to do with the ClientLibrary.en-US.txt file. I have tried completely removing those two lines (null values and null values in forms) and tried simply removing the N/A from the lines. Every time I click "Browse" to see my site the code gets reentered into the text file and goes right back to N/A.

My site is not deployed yet, I am still developing it, if that makes the difference.
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