Problem with controlling file type with 'Upload'

Again, I've seen it mentioned that you can now control the upload and download process using a business rule. Are there any examples, no. I found one post on an unrealated topic that discussed using a controller action. I tried that suggestion, it didn't work. The commandname 'FileUpload' in the post is invalid. In another post, I found 'UploadFile' and that commandname is valid. However the following code doesn't work...

Public Sub FileUploadHandler()

Select Case Path.GetExtension(Arguments("Image1").ToString.ToLower)
Case "jpeg", "jpg", "png"
Result.ShowViewMessage("file type ok")
Case Else
Result.Canceled = True
Result.ShowViewMessage("Only picture file types are allowed.")

End Select
End Sub

I've tried several different iterations from ShowMessage to ShowAlert, but none of them stop the upload process and eliminate the 'Succesful...5 minutes...' notification that accompanies a file upload! So, here we are again. We're told we can do something with the framework, but are not given any examples of how to do it. This is getting pretty old. I spend most of my COT time searching for answers that should be redily available but arent because you haven't take the time to write proper documentation!

I think that everyone should hold up renewing their subscriptions until documenation for this product is done and useable! I really get tired of prodding you guys to get this done...and 'Learn' doesn't do it!
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  • Ronald, it is not possible to display a message in response to file upload and have it stopped.

    The upload is processed asynchronously. The upload control is actually an iframe (a different browser) rendered in a data view. It may seem as if it belongs to the form but it does not. This has to do with the way file uploading is handled in the browsers.

    We will be making a few enhancements to the uploading and will consider implementing a mechanism to support only specific file extensions.

    The current documentation is available at and
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