I’m getting pissed off

Problem #4 on 8.5.10 latest release

I am now getting very frustrated with this latest release.

Earlier I mentioned that the release was now not displaying the css styling in my previously created dedicated login page. On generating the application it has now removed my content and styling from the login page and reverted to a standard content.

My login.ascx page is still in the application under user controls so I ahve no idea what you guys have done or what you have changed for users who want to create a dedicated login page but I now have an application which I can't release as I can't figure out what you have done.

I need an urgent response to this as I have to make a decision, do I revert back to version 8.5.9 ans not be able to use any of the supposedly new features or more importantly use the features that had bugs which were supposed to have been resolved with this issue. Or do I have a response which allows me to get this application finished and released.
My client know I am using COT and is also not happy with this RAD tool.
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