Desktop (Classic) Applications broken with latest releases. Major issue impacting entire system.

After further review Classic Desktop applications no longer return to the grid view after saving a new record when pressing OK. This affects any page that has a Master and detail view. I am not sure what version of COT changed the behavior but this is a breaking change. I tested with Northwind on the latest code with Order and OrderDetails on a page. Both using the old method containers and the new dataview method do not return to the grid after a save. If you add a new record in desktop mode it will bring up a random record in editform1 after the save by pressing ok. If you use the upper menu Record--> Save you get the original behaviour of saving the record and displaying the grid. This needs to happen for both OK and Record-->Save in order for my legacy applications to continue to work. Some of my users use the Desktop mode others prefer the Touch mode. Neither mode works as well as the old method of returning to the grid.

Blow here is the original information that I entered prior to digging deeper into the issue.
I have a desktop application that a controller has stopped opening the grid after adding a new record. There is no error messages. In fact the screen does not change. This happens when I click the OK button. If I select the Record --> Save method the screen works perfectly and displays the grid after saving. Either way the record is saved to the database. The user does not know the record saved and has created mutliple duplicate records.. This is a legacy application that has been developed with COT for over 6 years and does not have Models etc. This is in desktop mode. If I change to touch UI the OK button displays review the record (editForm1) after the save and the Record --> Save shows the grid.

I have copied all the actions from a working controller to another with no change in behavior.

Is there a place to control what is displayed after a save either grid or edit form ? I have updated to the latest release with no change. Please assist.

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