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Pager == "None" not working for data sheet

This problem was reportedly fixed a year or so ago but doesn't work for me. In fact there appear to be two bugs here: 1) I have set the Show Pager to "None" but grids with this setting are showing paging above and below the grid (See image "Before"). Inspection of the .aspx file shows the atrribute data-show-pager="top-and-bottom" for all of the affected grids. 2) If I edit this manually to be: data-show-pager="none" then the pager control above the grid (just containing the refresh icon) disappears but the page control below is still visible. Inorder to remove the pager below the grid I have to use "display: none !important;" to a custome css rule that identifies each grid by ID. I then get to see what I want. (image "After"). Hopefully this is an easy one to fix. Kind regards, Paul
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