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Offline Dev Video

I just watched the new video on Offline Development and it helped answer a number of questions for me. I liked the detail this went into and I am looking forward the next one on coding offline apps.

Well done!
  • This video, although new, adds nothing to what has been already presented for offline sync, ODP and transaction data input. It is a re-hash of the offline sync demo given by Serge Bodrov in April 2019. The transaction data input portion contains the same content of a Feb 2018 youtube video on TDI.

    The video further confuses the implementation of offline/online by suggesting the developer can setup different user roles to separate offline/online users (46 mins+). This is in contrast to the claim that the offline/online operation is transparent and handled simply by marking a page as offline. I would want both sets of users to use the same pages, whether marked offline or not and the application should then respond accordingly based on whether the user is licensed for offline sync. There should be no need to design separate pages and/or user roles for offline and online users as features for such users are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
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