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Navigating After I show a Message Alert

Hi guys,
I have an SQL business rule where I show a message alert before the user is redirected to another page
The alert message shows properly when conditions are fulfilled but the navigate portion of the code fails to fire
How do I make both work sequentially

Below is the snippet of the code:

Declare @insertions int;
Set @insertions = (select sum(quantity)
from order_items where order_id = @OrderID);
if @insertions > 1

set @BusinessRules_PreventDefault = 1
set @Result_ShowViewMessage = 'This order contains ' +cast(@insertions as nvarchar) + ' and you will be redirected to a page to schedule each of the insertions for publication'
set @Result_NavigateUrl = 'OrderSchedule.aspx?_controller=OrderSchedule&OrderID={OrderID}';

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