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Hi Guys

I am not gonna talk about MVC and how great it is, i beleive that every web or ASP.Net?Web-Form developer should know what is ASP.Net MVC and Web Page, RAZOR View Engine, Saparation of Concern, Routing & Route Generation, Route Fitering, Html Helpers, AJAX Helpers, Views & what do you know about thier types !!, Validation, the bueatiful marriage between MVC & EF (WOW) ..... etc

so the bottom line
does COT Team Have a plan for MVC ?
if so , did it already started, and what is the finish date ?!
man ... just give me a date for god sake !!!!
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  • Tarek,

    MVC is an architectural approach to building apps. Microsoft does not have a monopoly on the concept. We have developed the application framework in the foundation of the apps created with Code On Time approximately five years ago using MVC concepts (nothing to do with ASP.NET).

    Apps created with Code On Time are composed of pages implemented as WebForms. Each page is simply a vehicle to deliver a few JavaScript files and instances of JavaScript components. 

    JavaScript components interact with the server code. Developers can create "Code" (, SQL (, Email, and JavaScript business rules to participate in the life-cycle of the app.

    Technically we can replace web forms with ASP.NET MVC equivalents. From the user prospective the only thing that will change is the URL of a page. For example, pages/Products.aspx may be replaced with products/list. ASP.NET MVC promotes development for multiple views of data with the dedicated URLs. For example, edit form would be acessible at products/edit. This creates a need for multi-page apps. The number of pages (MVC views) will grow significantly in large line-of-business web applications.

    Apps created with Code On Time are based on multi-purpose pages. You can view, search, sort, edit, create, delete, and manipulate relevant data while still being on the same page thanks to wonders of HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax. Every page is effectively a single-page-app. Single page apps are all the rage these days. Google has build a entire JavaScript framework called Angular that facilitates building of single-page-apps. Apps creates with Code On Time had this design five years ago.

    We are not opposing to replacing Web Forms with dynamically registered URLs. As a matter of fact we are preparing to release a new product called This is an Azrue Factory app created with Code On Time. It will be based on Touch UI ( the fallback to Desktop UI on browsers that are not compatible with HTML5. The app will have a built-in CMS (Content Management System). You will be able to declare a page with arbitrary URL and initialize data components of the framework with simple markup. The apps will be hosted in Microsoft Azure and will offer a hosted version of Code On Time to users who would like to take advantage of a subscription model. Development of apps will be done with SQL, JavaScript, and Email business rules.

    We will not be promoting writing of server-side code to implement user interface. User interface components should live on the client.

    You can create a modern ASP.NET MVC app that exposes data with the help of Entity Framework. You can have it integrated in the user interfaced produced with Code On Time. Learn how to build data controllers from web services at

    ASP.NET MVC is great for server-side code. It is not an optimal solution for modern user interface development. Pretty URLs just don't cut it today. Ask yourself, how long will it take to build a page that looks as the screen shot below. It takes ten minutes if you are using Code On Time.

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  • Tarek, see the page in the screen shot in action at

    Login as admin/admin123%.

    The URL does not look pretty but the rest of it is very functional.

    It works on both mobile and desktop devices as well.

    The page has responsive design. Try resizing the browser window to see the effect of responsive design implementation.
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