more technical documentation please!

I find it a bit frustrating that this product can do so much and has so much potential to be customized, but the documenation is not very technical or complete. Feels like it's just showing me the easy stuff and not the technical details under the hood.

I had to search the tutorials, videos, blogs and community for days and look at all the code in Visual Studio to learn how these apps work. There are a lot of examples for accomplishing specific scenarios, but for custom scenarios we need to have more technical documentation about the plumbing and how it comes together to generate the app.

It would help A LOT to have more detailed documenation about the architecure of the apps being generated and the Javascript/AJAX functions that make it all come together.

I appreciate what we get by clicking Next Next Next, but that is only the beginning of the project, I need to do so much more customizations!
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