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Master-Child grids with grouping solution suggestions

I am looking for some ideas on how to solve an issue I have.

Standard Master - Detail situation. The catch is the MasterGrid points to a ChildGrid that has grouping enabled.

Basically it is a customer record tied to a service history. The service history is grouped by the servicenumber. Fairly mundane setup.

I have read on this forum that grids with grouping can only be viewed in full page mode. I've also verified that the grouping is lost when viewing it on a modal by trying it a bunch of different ways.

I have tried creating a hyperlink on the MasterGrid that links to the ChildGrid and filters. This works. however, there is no indication on the page that is loaded what the user is looking at - there is no visible information to let the user know they are looking at the detail for record number 155 for example. It is just a list of the filtered child records.

Maybe opening up a controller in a div / iframe so it doesn't know. But I am not sure how to do that.

Has anyone tackled this issue before and come up with a better solution?

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