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Logging in to one COT app logs me out of another

I have two COT applications that run from the same server.

Each has its own SQL Server database and each uses the standard SQL Server membership.

When I run both apps at the same time, as soon as I log in to one app, the other app's login gets "cancelled". Here's what I mean by "cancelled"

1. I've logged into app1 and it's working fine.
2. I start app2 and log in. It works fine.
3. I switch back to app1 and, when I try to navigate, I am immediately sent to the splash page where it says I'm signed out.

No matter which app I log in to, logging in to one always logs me out of the other.

I've tried specifying different machine keys for each app, tried with and without support for session variables, and tried running the apps in different application pools. Nothing seems to help. Any ideas?


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