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Link on Gridview not correct - date format wrong

I have a table(y) with a CycleId - this cycle id is linked to another table(x) which contains BeginDate and EndDate fields. The sites culture is en-ZA. The date format on the data controller for table x is perfect - yyyy-MM-dd.
The problem is when i view controller y in grid veiw - there is an arrow on the heading CycleId which when clicked shows the date fields for table x. The problem here is that the format of the date is wrong on this popup screen - mm-dd-yyyy. The incorrect Cycle is also shown here but i suspect that that has something to do with the date format not being consistent.
Any ideas on why the format is wrong on this screen or how to format it correctly?
And also is it possible not to show the link on the gridview?
thank you
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