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I've noticed a few unusual behaviors

I've experienced a few unusual behaviors in Touch/Mobile and I'm wondering if these are COT issues, or something I am doing.

1. I have a lookup that copies several fields. If the user starts to type a value into the lookup field, it shows lots of N/A's which seem to be the copy fields.

2. If I have a lookup field on a grid, it takes up many more columns than it is set to, or should. If I simply replace the lookup field with the alias, it works fine.

3. The app is set to logout after 15 minutes. If a grid is displayed, I get the pop up login modal after 15 minutes, but when I am in a form, the modal does not come up and when I try to select from a drop down, I get an access error.

4. In the designer when I go to add items to a field, often the list is already populated with a few records. They are not really part of the field because they are not listed in the treeview. If I try to add more, I get an error. Most of the time closing and reopening the generator resolves this.

5. Activate If Blank does not seem to work.

Thanks for any feedback you might have

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