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Is there a way to add more than one style (icon) to a single data field using conditional styling?

I'm trying to display 2 icons after the data value, one icon after another icon, but the second icon just overrides the first. I know it's using CSS so Is there a way to make it add multiple icons?
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  • If you have multiple conditions trying to style one element, the last one will override all of the previous one, because it's just resetting the style each time.

    To solve the problem, I would need to make a compound condition for each potential outcome and combine all of the icons directly into the content. For example, content: "\e023 \e136 \e025";

    In my case there were 3 icons i wanted to add after the heading field, and each has a different condition. I had to create 9 total outcomes and have one style for each.
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