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Inline editing but only for one field/column and prevent new record from the grid itself

I was searching the forums and found this post from 4 years ago regarding how to only edit one field in the grid when using inline editing.

In addition to this I only wanted the users to add a new record by selecting the New Record in the action bar and not via the grid itself i.e. the plus (+) icon that displays at the bottom of the grid.

Option 1

As per the above post I made all of the columns read only with the exception of the column I wanted the user to be able to update. Then on that controller under ag1 (Grid) I changed a7 - New, grid1 to have a role of Administrators (if you don't have an administrator role then you would need to create a role that your general users wouldn't have and use that role for this).


Option 2
I also use virtualization so using the below achieves the same result and is easier to control rather than hard coding the actions under the controller (just remove the role referenced in option 1 above that you assigned to the grid under the controller TAB as it's not required for this option to work).

NodeSet().SelectActionGroups("Grid") _
.SelectAction("a7") _

(Note: the above code snippet has to be properly located in your code where you are controlling your virtualization for it to function correctly)

Hopefully these options may assist others that want to achieve the same sort of result.
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