IFNULL not a built in function

I'm trying to use the "The value of this field is computed at run-time by SQL expression" option on a field. Accroding to documentation I can use SQL code. I've tried to use an express using IFNULL but I'm getting an error because it's not a built in function name.

This is where the lack of documentation and reference is an issue. What can be used in this field and are there any examples other than the ONE in the documentation.

What I'm trying to do is populate an address field from a dataview option (user picks a site with address details for the customer) and I want to copy those address details into fields in the job. It works fine when created but when editing that field manually, which I want the user to be able to do, it gives an error about binding so I'm trying to change it so that if it's empty then copy the value from the chosen site otherwise leave it alone.
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