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I’m excited

I feel pretty good about where things are going...

So since we can run codeontime from cmd now, I remembered the Sync.ComputerName-User.xml file in your ~/App folder.

I like to work on my projects in smaller apps to make it more portable.

Today I created a sync file with what I wanted in my project. I only needed my custom membership provider with multi-tenancy, organizations, custom "My Profile" for custom membership provider and user managed avatars with their own profile, (connected to anything).

It took me a bit to build this, and if you are like me, you stash that stuff away and back it up 12 times, because many things are fragile. I am sure all of you know what I am taking about.

When something works, we want to keep it in working condition so we can plug it in....


I created "Sync.MyCustomMembership-v05.xml"

I then copied the file from cmd for a source folder, let's call it "MyComponents".
(This folder can be anywhere.) I copied the file into a new project folder, then ran codeontime cmd, created a project, selected ALL my tables for the solution, generated, and ........

Boom! Components where there

How about that?

A lot of things you can do now.