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How to refresh a Dataview with a JavaScript business rule?

This is my code:

Command Name: Calculate
Phase: Execute

var dataView = Web.DataView.find('DetailsTaxpayer_Activities');
if (dataView) {
if (dataView._isBusy == false && !dataView.get_isDisplayed())

When I add a record it works correctly, but when I delete a record it sends me a message:

Component: -confirm
Controller: _confirm; View: form1; Timed out: false; Status Code: HSR;
Exception: System.Exception
Message: Controller '_confirm' does not exist.
en PublicSector.Data.DataControllerBase.CreateConfigurationInstance(Type t, String controller)
en PublicSector.Data.DataControllerBase.CreateConfiguration(String controllerName)
en PublicSector.Data.DataControllerBase.SelectView(String controller, String view)
en PublicSector.Data.DataControllerBase.PublicSector.Data.IDataController.GetPage(String controller, String view, PageRequest request)
en PublicSector.Services.GetPageServiceRequestHandler.HandleRequest(DataControllerService service, JObject args)
en PublicSector.Services.ApplicationServicesBase.HandleServiceRequest(HttpContext context)

I have an editForm1 that contains a wizard, each section contains a grid. In the last section is the detail of everything that is captured (dataview). I need that when a change is made, automatically refresh the dataview of the last section (detailed view).

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