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I’m unhappy...

How to prevent the regeneration of handlers when performing a Refresh?

The default Report.cs file has a bug for which I created a fix.
But each time that a Refresh is performed within Code On Time then the handlers are regenerated from scratch, removing my fix.

I tried to lock the files, even in SVN, but nothing is able to stop it.
Extending or overriding the class is just too messy with all the dependancies. The COT people are not even replying on my request to implement the fix in their code.

Fix in Report.cs :

void IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
var c = context.Request["c"];
var q = context.Request["q"];
var request = this.Request;
if ((request == null) && (string.IsNullOrEmpty(c) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(q)))
throw new Exception("Invalid report request.");
// create a data table for report
string templateName = null;
string aa = null;
string reportFormat = null;
if (request == null)

// A.KEMELING - Date export FIX [
var jss = new JsonSerializerSettings
DateTimeZoneHandling = DateTimeZoneHandling.Local,
DateParseHandling = DateParseHandling.DateTime,
request = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(q,jss);
// ] A.KEMELING - Date export FIX

templateName = context.Request.Form["a"];
aa = context.Request["aa"];
templateName = this.Arguments.TemplateName;
reportFormat = this.Arguments.Format;
request.FilterDetails = this.Arguments.FilterDetails;

Is there a way to prevent the regeneration of the Report.cs file or have the fix inside the regenerated files?
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