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How to pass SSRS reports user credential in Navigate URL?

Dear All,
I have created a custom Action for call SSRS report server URL, it's working fine in same system which system SSRS reports is deployed.

If same COT app configured in IIS and tried to open in another system, that case SSRS Url is prompting the user credential window for entering "domain name\user id" and "password". once entered the same the report is opening or else "Access Denied" is coming.

Our case is we should not disclose the SSRS report users credential to the end users.

So please suggest me, how should I pass the SSRS report user credential in encrypted format to the Navigate URL query string for avoiding prompting enter User Credential pop up window.

In pure ASP.Net this can be achieved with using a separate .aspx page with using report viewer control and assigning properties.

In COT Business rule class how can we will achieve the same ?

Herewith I have attached the Business rule page.

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