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How to Inject DataViews from client side?

I have developed a user interface that allows comprehensive selection of properties for charting and viewing statistics - see attached image. (Incidentally, this kind of thing is very difficult to do using the COT options. I had something that kinda worked but it used radio-buttons and tabs and it looked ghastly.)
This has been done by modifying the form templates via the developer form downloads as described in the Task Tutorial #10.
What I want to achieve is the ability to dynamically display a controller and a nominated view in the area below the button lists.

(I can see that the template html generated by COT is very simple and it seems that COT is injecting more sophisticated html into the << spans >> and << divs >> at runtime to achieve the necessary.)

One way to do this would be to have all of the grids and charts in the html and control their visibility from the upper panel but that would be very inefficient - there are dozens of options.
So, how can I, given a controller name and view name make COT display that view from the client-side (JavaScript and jQuery)? I am using, Touch UI, Unlimited.


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