How to implement changes made by other developers?

Hi, this is our scenario:
- One single table/controller application (table1/controller1)
- 2 developers (Ben and Zack) accessing the same db
- DevOps as source control
- COT 8.7.0
- VS 2017

STEP1: Ben adds a new field (field1) to the table (table1), refreshes the COT project, adds field1 to Model1, generates the project. Field 1 is automatically added to Controller1 and to all its views. controller1.xml file gets modified with the new field while Sync.Dev1.xml file does not change.

STEP2: Zack gets the latest version from DevOps, refreshes the COT project, generates the project.

RESULT: controller1 remains the same (no field1), the controller1.xml file gets modified by COT that removes the line with the new field.

How can Zack get his project updated with the changes made by Ben? What are the right steps to follow?

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