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How to force refresh of parametised DataView in code

In the following form:

... users will expect to select years by clicking on the radio-buttons. Pressing enter after a year selection is a chore, as is the alternative, clicking on a select button at the bottom of the form (not shown). I need the interface to be more responsive and I'm sure it can be done relatively easily.

I can intercept the radio-button state change OK by causing it to generate a Calculate action and capturing the event in a business rule. But, how do I get the linked DataView to update (JavaScript, or SQL or C# code - I'm happy to use any)? The usual suspects: Refresh() and RefreshChildren() don't work. I've even tried to emulate a keypress event in a JavaSript business rule but that didn't work either.

I'm close... but no cigar,

Any help gratefully received.

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