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How to exclude a folder so that its contents won't be rendered by COT Framework?

Hi, all.
How to exclude a folder so that the contents won't be rendered by COT Framework?
I need it badly as the excluded folder can use to render other css/js files without affecting by default COT css/js behaviors.
Can we override specific function to achieve it?
Please advise.

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  • [Solved]

    I have fixed it by overriding "RegisterIgnoredRoutes(RouteCollection routes)" on ApplicationServices class, so that external aspx/asmx/ascx/html etc can be rendered under TouchUI with SPA.

    Example: http://{domain}/test/home.aspx
    By default it will download .aspx file instead of rendering it.
    Once the below function has been overridden, it will able to render!
    public partial class ApplicationServices {
      public override void RegisterIgnoredRoutes(RouteCollection routes) {
    Now I can manage my custom landing page with CMS enabled within a project.

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