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How to display a controller as model form on SQL command action button click.

Dear All,

I need to open a controller on "SQL command button click" as a model form instead of converting as "covert to form" option under view.

The output should display as grid in model form such as how "lookup" is working.

Here I have a button in name of "Check Duplicate" on button click I can able to redirect the page but requirement as instead of redirecting, the result page should display as a "model form".

if below codes are added under confirmation property, that case page is coming as blank.

_title=Duplicate Code Details

Please look my all workings, as specified in attached screen-shot and suggest me what need to be change for "check duplicate" page should display as a "model form",

Another problem I found, if alert message is going to display before redirecting the page, that case message is displaying but page is not redirecting.

after command the alert message line page it is redirecting.

Thank you.

Dhirendra Kumar Nayak
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