How to activate COT Unlimited with given licence?

I bought Unlimited licence (12m/5u).
How can I bind installed COT (from download page) with this licence?
When I click on "change activation code" it asks me to sign in - is it necessary that username for this is the same as username in Windows? When I sign in, it says that I am registered for Unlimited licence but....

...When creating new project, "free trial" option is shown on the first screen although acitvation code is ok.

Please help urgently!
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  • The app generator must download some additional content to your computer. Inspect [Documents]\Code OnTime\Library folder. There must be Standard, Premium, and Unlimited folders. If you do not have those folders or if you have the folders with only one file DataAquarium.Project.xml in each, then it indicates that the app generator is not able to download the content needed to complete activation.

    The corporate network or anit-virus software on your computer may be blocking the requests. One option is to create rules for codeontime.exe to allow network calls. The other option is to take your laptop to a coffee shop outside of your network and completing activation there.
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