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How can I reset Search Filters on a Lookup Field Programmatically?


Have done some searching in the forums and am coming up empty on this one.

With a lookup field on a form: When the user selects the "arrow" which slides a modal form over to select from a pick list, and then uses the spyglass to narrow the search, and then selects the record everything works as expected.

When the user returns to the same form, and selects the same lookup field again, the spyglass search filter is still applied. How can I ensure these criteria are cleared after the lookup record is selected?

So far I've found code such as:

$app.touch.whenPageShown(function () { $app.find('view1').clearFilter(true); })

...which does work on a grid, but I cannot get the business rule to fire on modal lookup form. Any ideas would be helpful!


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