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Help With Custom Lookup Functionality

Hoping one of the COT gurus here can help with this request.

We have a form where a user enters in a field value into a text box (ProjectNumber). Upon losing focus from the text box, we'd like to check that value against a lookup view. If there is a matching record in the lookup view, copy record values (ProjectStartDate, ProjectEndDate) from the lookup table to the form and make those controls static/read-only. However, if the ProjectNumber isn't found in the lookup view, allow the user to enter in values for those form fields (ProjectStartDate, ProjectEndDate) that would have been locked in the previous scenario. Also, whenever an existing form record is pulled up, a check is once again made against the lookup table, to make sure the ProjectStartDate and ProjectEndDate fields cannot be overwritten by the user, if the ProjectNumber exists in the lookup view. We do not want to let the user add that new text box value as a new lookup table record.

The Copy property is only available when the ProjectNumber field is a type of lookup, but none of the lookups allow the user to enter a value not in the lookup list (as far as I can tell). I'm guessing I have to make a business rule, but I'm not sure which type to use to achieve what we are looking for.

Any ideas?
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