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Filter a checkbox list

Hi All - need some help configuring this please.Hope fully i can explain it well enough :)

I have a table of Rooms and Equipment as well as a "many to many" link table BookingEquipment that allows for the selection via a Check Box List

[Booking] - [BookingEquipment] - [Equipment]

Table Equipment has the RoomCodes in a field "Rooms" each separated with a pipe symbol i.e.

EquipId, EquipName, Rooms
1, projectorA, |Room1|Room2|

I want to create a Booking of a single Room and only allow the user to choose Equipment that is in that Room.

i.e Room1 can have projectorA and tableB, Room2 can only have projectorA and tableC,

My question is:

How can I limit the Equipment Choices based on the Room selected?
What context field configuration do i need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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