file upload on insert - possible?

This feature has been apparently in development for multiple years now, and I don't see it reflected in the current 2013 roadmap ( - but this is mission critical for my organization to have in place.

Has anyone successfully hacked COT to support file upload on an insert? I am kicking around an idea using an iframe with a bit of javascript to capture the filename and insert it into a hidden field of the form... but before I invent a wheel, it would be super helpful to learn if anyone else has made something that rolls in a similar manner.

We absolutely can not wait until 2014 to have this in place, I am looking at a form right now with no less than 200 fields, 20 of which are various document uploads. There's no way I can convince research faculty to fill out a 10 page form, then go back, edit the form, and upload documents throughout their submitted data. That simply won't happen. I have to be able to take document uploads at the time they submit the form.
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